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Merely Voting or Voting Well? Democracy and the Requirements of Citizenship. Inquiry, 2023, available here


Justice and Contribution: A Narrow Argument for Living Wages.  The Journal of Philosophy, 2023, available here

Voting as a Duty of Common Pursuit (Georgetown Journal of Law and Policy, Summer 2021)

Why a Uniform Basic Income Offends Justice (Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 11: 2, 2018).  Related to the  plenary session at the 2022 Basic Income Network Conference

Civic Virtue and Participation for Others (working paper)

Being a Good Samaritan Requires You to Vote (Political Studies, 66: 2, 2018),         reprinted in The Democracy  Reader: From Classical to Contemporary Philosophy, edited by Robert Talisse (Rowman and Littlefield, 2021).

A Response to My Critics on the Moral Particularity of Voting (under review), related to this paper by Brennan and Freiman

An Epistemic Justification for the Obligation to Vote (Critical Review 28: 2, 2016)

Moral Choice and Self-Cultivation (The Journal of Moral Philosophy, 11:2, 2014).

 Work-Lovers, Freedom, and Basic Income (Contemporary Political Theory, 10: 3, 2011).

Employment as a Limitation on Self-Ownership (The Human Rights Review, 12:1, 2011).

Rights and Participation in Ancient Athens:  Habermasian Approach (The European Legacy, 15:7, 2010).

A Non-Cosmopolitan Case for Sovereign Debt Relief  (The Journal of Global Ethics, 6:1, 2010).

Equality of Social Status is Not Enough to Justify Democracy (in progress)

An Alternative Reply to the Free-Rider Objection Against Unconditional Citizenship Grants,  in Ethics and Public Policy, edited by Jonathan Boston. Canberra: The Australian National University Press, 2011.


Gender Equality and Motivation: The Case of Female Suicide Bombers  component chapter of  Rationality, Democracy, and Justice (Cambridge University Press, 2014)


My book featured on the New Books Network podcast

My book featured on The Free Thoughts podcast

My book featured on the Knowledge Problem podcast


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